Monday, February 28, 2011

A 4 Year Old Birthday Invitation Rhyme

I get when I saw that morning glory

that, I wanted to say good morning the morning. or face the morning? good morning or face the morning?
's new film, Rachel McAdams. In short, this:

but also - and unfortunately - this:

before talking about the film, two premises are urgently required, even three:
  1. good day, I saw the morning because I am a fanatic of comedies (romantic) ;
  2. I would like to place on record that in spite of morning glory, my respect for Rachel McAdams was not scratched at all. especially because it is not my estimate, is envy. and envy dies hard;
  3. my passion for film soundtracks borders quietly in the disease. that is to the movies or on the couch, watching any film is disturbed / accompanied (depending on who sits next to me) from notes / cheers / surprised looks and nods to the soundtracks of films / TV series that I'm watching.
said this morning glory has been a great disappointment.
there are several reasons why the film has disappointed me and I had to rely on my laziness and the distance sofa-TV to not stop in the middle.
the first reason is the soundtrack, a soundtrack that tries to be so cool, nice, suitable for carbonation of the film to overlap as the movie lady gaga just might do. lady gaga and not on the soundtrack. the poor unfortunates who are over there are Joss Stone, Colin Hay (an evergreen of the scenes where the protagonist makes a sad face and tells us not to mention it's sad), Paolo Nutini, Bublé (Bublé enough), and The Weepies, directly from the set of Grey's Anatomy.

parentheses Grey's Anatomy. explain to me how the viewer is watching. Friday (or was it Saturday? or Thursday) I saw an episode in which doctors flirted while attacking the arm to the stomach of a patient's arm so she could receive more blood and it was then put back in place. At this point I have only one response to: ER life.

but we go forward.
the soundtrack of a film to accompany it, do not pass on the right and look in the rearview mirror as he crashes and falls from the Brooklyn Bridge. bridge, of course, our cross rachel at 2 am with the right soundtrack and without a minimum of anxiety oh God-am-the-two-of-the-morning-to-brooklyn-bridge.
a soundtrack sample? I never tire of quoting When Harry Met Sally. I still have it in his head that broccolone Harry Connick jr. who sings it's ve-ry cleaar. Our Love Is Here to Stay. not for a yea-r. But today and forever. It is no coincidence the soundtrack of When Harry Met Sally I bought, years ago.
another example? no problemo: high fidelity. perfect soundtrack. Another example? Cameron Crowe tells you something? leave aside the boredom of Elizabethtown, but if you've never seen / heard Almost Famous I warmly invite you to do so. elton john there will never been so nice, but candle in the wind. yet? all the films of Spike Lee, and Crooklyn Do the Right thing in the first place.
I could go on much longer, because these are the only soundtracks and music. but we continue with the reasons that make morning glory irritating.

Harrison Ford plays a TV journalist from a brilliant career but from the less bright. to interpret this character, the beloved Harrison has decided to step into the shoes of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. nice move, harrison. the result is this .

Diane Keaton: The photo says it all.

Rachel McAdams: she has talent, beauty and charming without having to strive to be nice. we saw it and loved it the pages of our lives, the Family Stone nell'imprescindibile and Mean Girls. and we like the girl. much. In addition, it has been for x years with Ryan Gosling. and together they made this madness here. in other words. a woman with love and to be envied.
then, dear director of morning glory, not to force Rachel McAdams to play nice girl because what you get from her is forced forced interpretation of a beautiful woman (I do not like to use so many swear words in my blog, sorry) that tries to make awkward. fail.

love story: Patrick Wilson with . is flawless. there is a half-fight. not a hint of Oddi-now-you-leave. two are talking together, clarifying things ("sorry I have to work today for the night in a row 28342" "do not worry I understand you go ahead") and love. beautiful, but in a romantic comedy if you put a snag you are not very credible. we would see the When Harry Met Sally with them while traveling by car to the top say "oh, but we are great as friends, listen to talks here that we pull out, and we are also attracted to each other, perfect 'and the remaining film to show us what Billy Crystal is funny (because it is) and what is unique meg ryan (before being devoured by the plastic lips, of course).

short, a failure on all fronts. perhaps the only time (and I say perhaps) the film is saved is an admission of guilt in a culinary version of dark-knight-harrison-ford. but I say no more, the film room this weekend, if you're a masochist to go find out for yourself, but do not come back here to complain: I had warned you.


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